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RE: starship-design: Zero Point Energy

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> From: Steve VanDevender [mailto:stevev@efn.org]
> A drive powered by evaporation from a small black hole isn't that
> physically untenable.  The problems are that "small" is still the mass
> of a mountain or so, and that you have to keep feeding the black hole
> continuously or it will evaporate completely and blow up your ship.

Do you know what the mass flow rate required to prevent evaporation is? If
it's too high, then you'd still have to lug around too much matter to make
it worth while using a "singularity drive" (TM) over a more conventional
propulsion system (that carries on-board fuel).

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> From: KellySt@aol.com [mailto:KellySt@aol.com]
> Course with a singularity there ae tricks you  can do to convert 
> half of all mass feed into it, into pure energy.  Which is a 
> prety usefull  trick in itself.  ;)

What are these tricks? I'd be interested in learning...