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RE: starship-design: Zero Point Energy

> One idea I heard was that virtual partical ALMOST always ae reabsorbed,
> sometimes they separte out which can cause new mass creation in the
> Maybe we can artificially up the odds to get the fuel we want.
> Kelly

Is this separation you mention the same as what happens with Hawking
radiation? A virtual particle pair pops into existence very close to the
event horizon of a black hole. One of the particles escapes and the other
doesn't, thereby contributing negative energy to the black hole.

</Inserts tongue into cheek/>
So maybe one method would be to have a drive based around a singularity. I
remember an episode of ST: TNG ("Timescape") which mentioned that Romulan
ships are powered by artificial singularities...maybe they figured this out

Seriously though, if Hawking radiation means that negative energy can exist,
isn't that good news for the Alcubierre drive? I suppose we just have to
figure out how to create -ve energy, if indeed we ever can.