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starship-design: Casimir-Foreward balloon

Hi Connor,

>alright. I admit, I'm really avoiding the microwaves' penetrating powers.
>Just imagine a tighter mesh all throughout the ship. So the balloon is
>divided up by compartments, like a muffler, but they're all connected by
>holes and things. If the beam goes in the back hole, it is defelected
>around until eventually it comes back out the back.

In your first email you wrote "... the microwaves [coming from outside the
muffler] pass through the mesh and are lowered in frequency ...". This
makes me assume that the frequency lowering phospor is on the inside of the

Does this frequency lowering phospor not work for beams that come through
the back hole?

>I can't really
>describe it in any more detail than that, but I don't think I should have
>to. Again, if it comes in through the skin, it is deflected around until
>it comes out the back.

Yes, dat is consistent with what you wrote the first time, except that this
time you do not mention anything about the frequency change. The same
change which seemed important in your first email. Is it not important
anymore? I did ask why the beam took a certain path, thus also why it
reflects and does not go straight through.