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Re: starship-design: Suspended animation.

Hi all,
	I saw a tv show on that a while back.  It focused mainly on
Haitian zombei, but also mentioned the unfortunate effects of eating
improperly prepared fugu.  Starflight was mentioned briefly at the end of
the program (complete w/ cheezy graphics)  The common thread was the nerve
poison Teterodoxin, which is used today in very small amounts to control
some kinds of tics.  Unfortunately, taking the drug in large amounts is
bad for you.  The witch doctor interviewed for the program reported a 25%
survival rate for the people he had zombified.  Japanese fugu victims fare
only slightly better, even with modern medical care. Also, the survivors
usually have severe brain damage.  On the other hand, maybe these problems
could be gotten around, some rodents do it without any apparent trouble at
Nels Lindberg

On Thu, 6 Jan 2000 KellySt@aol.com wrote:

> Hey folks.  Ran across a comment about suspended animation/hibernation.  
> Seems they've done studies on animals using some of the drugs VooDoo folks 
> usedto use to make Zombies.  They show promis in use for hibernation.  The 
> same effect that slows resperation and pulse enough so you look dead and 
> don't sofocate until they dig you up, also works for hybernation for 
> something like space travel.
> Weird.
> No real details on what they were talking about.
> Kelly