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Re: starship-design: Raw Facts.

KellySt@aol.com wrote:
> Actually, transport cost in space can be really dirt cheap.  Free power, no
> need to shove cargo at high G.  Getting into space can be a real bear!
> Landing heavy tonnage cheaply is the big issue.  I've ran some numbers on it,
> and given an electric steam boosted lander, with extremely minimal servicing
> needs (big, dumb, tough, flying wing) could profitably land crude oil.

But unless you come up with a better ISP on your boosters from earth
you will never get your lander up into space. And environmental people would
have your hide if your super-tanker crashed.

> Well, its not that hard to get to space.  No more so then Australia for
> example.  The big question is why would folks move there rather then many
> other easier to settle areas of earth.  As to the fragile environment.
> Perhaps if we get good at building completely independent ecospheres, this
> one won't seem as critical to us?   ;)
> Kelly

I think the $200,000 a lb is the factor.

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