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starship-design: My rocket engine patent pending link - Star Ship

from welcome message of majordomo@lists.uoregon.edu

Although clearly there is much speculation involved in the
development of future technology, this mailing list is
practically oriented and proposals should be justifiable using
presently-known engineering techniques and scientific knowledge.
Proposals involving highly speculative topics such as FTL
(faster-than-light) propulsion or novel energy generation
techniques will be treated quite skeptically by list members.

Thank you for welcoming me to your mailing list.

I have a patent pending on a rocket engine that may be of interest to some of 
your members.

There are seven claims with the seventh being a machine to test Einstein's 
theory that a machine other than a particle accelerator may be found to 
exceed light speed.

I have no desire to discuss the validity of the seventh claim to keep any 
responses to issues of my machine principles of applied physics and not the 
theoretical projections of it's operating limits. I welcome other feedback 
(claims one to six or patents in general) even when healthily skeptical. I 
believe we all share a belief in man's future exploration of the stars, and I 
propose a practical machine to accomplish this. 

Reference to my websites engine patent pending is below. To transport to my 
cyberspace constructed star ship's transporter room (Table of Contents) 
simply click the animated blue bar at the top of any of my web property pages 
marking my intellectual property. 

I am not responsible for links outside my property including one to LIT. This 
mailing list in-closet members believing in faster than light rocket travel 
may respond by private mail to tjac780754@aol.com with my private response 
given. (use private in subject line) . I will respond publicly to this list 
post regarding other inquires-not about light speed limit.

Tom Jackson

PS Enjoy<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/tjac780754/indexb.htm">