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Re: starship-design: easy or no easy?

Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> Hello Im@x,
> If you didn't know it yet, this mailing list is in English. I'd guess that
> very few of the people subscribed are able to understand Italian. So it
> might be a good idea to not point the members of the list to a site that
> only supports the Italian language.
> Repeating the message (3 times) will not make our understanding of Italian
> any better.
> Buon giorno,
> Timothy
Nor will responding back to a Italian in English be that wise?
Perhaps we need a few people to translate then or find a translation program on
the web
to translate on the fly, for the people that don't speak English. Good ideas
need not be hampered by language.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
 	Albert Einstein