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Re: starship-design: starship design--propulsion link

> From owner-starship-design@lists.uoregon.edu Wed Aug 11 19:06:35 1999
> Reply-To: Fred Reyes <reyesfred@xoommail.com>
> Thanks for the link....however...every time I try 
> it it gives me an error.....any ideas?
I have tried several versions, then finally
come to the http://www.physik.tu-berlin.de/ site.
Search on this site (with the search form included)
returned four pages of Berkant Goeksel </~bgoeksel/>, 
but every one of them gives an error (either "not found",
or "you dont't have permission to access...").

Ask Parker, who sent this link to the list...

-- Zenon Kulpa