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starship-design: [Fwd: casimir-forward balloon]

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Since this list is so quiet, I thought I might as well bring it up. I
have this idea for a balloon type arrangement for space propulsion.
There's a shoddily drawn model below. The plates (red stuff) are coated
in a kind of phosphor. I was hoping they could alter Microwave light,
but if not that's okay, the holes can be scaled down. So the out side
layer is made of a mesh that is just loose enough to let the first
(green) kind of microwave in, but not the second blue one. If the
phosphor will only lower the frequency, we can have a coating to exploit
microwaves' penetrating properties. As far as I can tell, this would
cause all the microwaves going at the balloon to come out the back end,
driving it forward. Does this all work, or can you find an error in my
thinking? I know that it's not a very realistic idea, since the balloon
would have to be so big compared to the cargo. Also, what about
interstellar debris piercing the balloon?

JPEG image

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