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Act before Friday 9:30AM ED
Details of House NASA Science Budget cuts.           ...DLD
Space Science Political Alert #2.     Thursday 29 July 1999.

>From: Tim Kyger

One more long message.sorry!

Cross-posting of the data contained in this message is strongly encouraged.
Post it where ever you wish, and in as many places as you can.  Please!

You may get multiple copies of this.  Once again...sorry!  I'm working as
fast as I can...

The Prospect Before Us.
The shoe has finally dropped.  On Monday 26 July, at the House of
Representatives' Committee on Appropriations' Subcommittee on VA, HUD, and
Independent Agencies met and marked their FY '00 VA/HUD bill.

NASA's budget was, as predicted, eviscerated; its science programs were cut
by roughly a billion dollars, with an overall cut of $1.325 billion dollars.

A detailed rundown of these budget cuts, along with specifics as to what
programs would die as a result, follows later in this Alert.  There's also a
Pork Report; the VA/HUD Appropriators made lots of cuts, but you may be sure
that they took good care of themselves and their districts..!

But first.the full House Appropriations Committee will meet at 9:30 am on
Friday, 30 July, to adopt and markup a FY '00 VA/HUD appropriations bill.

This means that all of us have today - Thursday - to call, write, and/or fax
appropriate Members of House Appropriations.

Start with the Chairman of the full Committee --

C.W. Bill Young (R-FL10)
202/225-5961 vox
202/225-9764 fax
813/893-3191 district office
2407 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington DC 20515

Remember that letters have much more clout than a phone call, and email has
the least clout of all.  It is strongly suggested that a letter be written
and then faxed to Mr. Young's office.  A draft letter that may be used to
model your letters is also attached, and further supporting material may
also be found later in this Alert.

Follow up your letter to Mr. Young with a letter to Mr. Obey, the Ranking
Democrat on the full Committee --

David R. Obey (D-WI7)
202/225-3365 vox
202/225-3240 fax
715/842-5606 district office
2314 Rayburn House Office Building

After you finish with Mssrs. Young and Obey, fax a letter (if you haven't
already) to Mssrs. Walsh and Mollohan

James Walsh (R-NY25) VA/HUD Subcommittee Chair
202/225-3701 vox
202/225-4-42 fax
315/423-5657 district office
2351 RHOB
rep.james.walsh@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/walsh/ web site

Alan B. Mollohan (D-WV1) VA/HUD Subcommittee RMM
202/225-4172 vox
202/225-7564 fax
304/232-5390 district office
2346 RHOB

Make your anger at these disastrous cuts known to your representatives!

Remember that these cuts won't be sustained until and unless the President
signs a VA/HUD appropriations bill into law that actually has such a cut -
and that is a long fight away from happening yet.  We can still win this.

Once you're done with the four gentlemen just noted, if you can, fax a
letter to each and every Member of the House Appropriations Committee who
isn't on the VA/HUD Subcommittee. They may be the swing votes needed to
reverse these cuts in full Committee.  A list of names and fax numbers may
be found at the end of this Alert.

As noted, the full House Appropriations Committee meets tomorrow; and
sometime next week the full House will vote on the VA/HUD appropriation.

This means that we have a chance to amend this bill on the House floor to
turn back these cuts.  Stay tuned; this will be the core of Alert Number

In the meantime, the Senate VA/HUD Appropriations Subcommittee might mark at
any time from this moment on.  It may mark this next week, for example.  But
it also may wait to mark until after the August Congressional "work period."
This is the most probable way that events will run, giving us four or so
weeks to work our will upon the Members of the Senate.

So keep your fax machines fired up.  Keep ready to write and fax a mess of
letters to Senators.

Let's Not Forget The Vice President.
To recap, Vice President Al Gore is running for President.

Here's what Gore had to say on 20 July 1999 at the National Air and Space
Museum upon awarding the Apollo 11 crew the Langley Medal: "I am deeply
committed to an aggressive, forward-looking space program, a space program
that dares to push the limits of the heavens."

Let's hold him to his statement.  He can start by working to turn these cuts

Vice President Gore can best be reached at the following address:

Vice President Albert Gore, Jr.
Room S-212
United States Capitol
Washington DC 20510

Fax your letters to:  202/224-0291.

Al Gore's email address is:  vice.president@whitehouse.gov

His web site is:       www.whitehouse.gov/WH/EOP/OVP/html/GORE_home.html

The fax number at the Old Executive Office Building for Gore is:

Fax him a letter right after you fax letters to the House Appropriations

Into The Ovens.
The $2.5 billion Space Station budget got cut by $150 million - a pro forma
cut so Appropriators could say that they hadn't not cut Space Station.

Ditto Space Shuttle, which suffered a $100 million cut to a $2.5474 billion
budget request.

The VA/HUD folks also noted that they'd be just overjoyed, as this process
goes forward this year, to entertain funding requests for additional Shuttle
system upgrades.  Reusable Flyback Booster program, funded by space science
cuts, anyone?

The "Science, Aeronautics and Technology" or "SAT" combined budget line for
FY '00 of a requested $5.4247 billion was cut by $849 million; but this cut
was entirely made against NASA's science programs, instead of against the
entire five and a half billion SAT budget. NASA's FY '00 space science line
item request was for $2.1966, and that line suffered a cut of $640.8
million.  Killed outright was the SIRTIF mission (a cut of $100.8 million)
as well as the CONTOUR Discovery Program mission (a cut of $50 million).

Here's where you have to dig and where the Appropriators don't want anybody
to know exactly what they've killed.

A cut of $60 million was made to "Explorer Future Planning," which had bee
requested to be $107.7 million (and which was $78.6 million in '99).  This
seemingly innocuous cut results in the cancellation of the HESSI and GALEX
"SMEX" missions, as well s the CHIPS and IMEX "UNIX" Explorer missions.  And
don't forget to erase the TWINS and PLEXAS missions; they're gone now, too.

In other words, the Explorer program is over, after a forty two year run.

A cut of $60 million was made to "Discovery Program Future Planning."  This
had been requested to be funded at $78.5 million (it was $19.7 million in '
99).  This results in the stillborn death of the Deep Impact mission as well
as the MESSENGER Mercury orbiter.

A cut of $75 million (to $114.8 million) was made to "Mars Surveyor Program
Future Planning."  Stillborn again, then, is *every* mission after Mars '01.

And if I were the Mars '01 folks, I wouldn't get comfortable just yet

The "Supporting Research and Technology Program" was requested to be funded
at $1.1521 billion; $320 million is cut -- $200 million from the "Technology
Program," and $120 million from "Research."  The Research cut is a simple
one to explain - there just simply won't be any money to make sense out of
any data by ongoing space missions.  The $200 million Technology Program cut
is less obvious, but it results in deep, grave damage nonetheless.  What
dies as a result of this cut is the Space Interferometry Mission; the Next
Generation Space Telescope; The Planet Finder mission; any future missions
to Europa; the proposed Pluto flyby; STEREO, Solar-B, CONSTELLATION-X,
GLAST, FIRST, Solar Probe, and last, but not least, Space Technology-3.
(ST-4, as you'll recall, was recently cancelled by NASA.  Reminds you of the
good old days, though, doesn't it?)

But wait!  There's more!  We move on to the cuts in NASA's earth science

NASA's FY '00 earth science program budget request was $1.4591 billion, and
it was cut by a total of $285 million.  Al Gore's GLOBE program, $5 million,
as well as Triana, $35 million, are gone. LightSAR, $20 million, is
canceled, too. An additional $45 million was then cut from the Earth Probes
program, taking it from a requested level of $138.2 million to $38.2 million
(Triana and LightSAR were Earth Probes).

But at least the Earth Probes budget has some bucks left; the VA/HUD
appropriators eliminated outright the Earth System Science Pathfinders
program (a cut of $75.2 million), which kills the GRACE and PICASSO
missions, as well as the Vegetation Canopy Lidar mission and the CloudSat
mission.  Gone, too, is Volcam.

The Earth Observing System line is reduced by $150 million from its
requested level of $663.2 million, with $60 million being taken from the
"Technology Infusion" program, which for FY '00 was requested to be $77.6.
This kills Earth Observer-2, the "SPARCLE" mission outright.  $40 million is
cut from algorithm development ($127.4 million in FY '00), and, finally, the
$53.9 "EOS Follow-On" effort is cut by $50 million.  As the parting shot,
the EOSDIS budget request of $231.5 million is cut $50 million.

The House VA/HUD appropriators also made cuts to the "Mission Support" line
item, which had been requested to be $2.4949 billion, cutting it by $225.6
million.  The first cut is in "Construction of Facilities," where $67.1
million is cut from a $181 million budget request.  Next, $100 million is
cut from the $1.6469 billion "personal and related costs" account - layoffs
and firings!  Finally, "operations support" funding is reduced by $50
million from a budget request of $482.6 million.

But after cuts come...adds!

Pork Report.
Here's a list of all of the "adds" made by the VA/HUD appropriators in order
to make their bill fit under the balanced budget caps.  Makes you proud to
know that these folks are able to make those hard decisions to cut in order
to balance the budget, eh?

These adds.er.add up to a total of $119.8 million (!)..more than twice the
cost of the canceled CONTOUR mission (to pick just one example)!

1. An increase of $10,000,000 for Space Solar Power.  (Well, I like that one
2. An increase of $2,000,000 for the Science Center at Glendale Community
College.  (In Jerry Lewis' [R-CA40] district.)
3. An increase of $1,500,000 for the Louisville Science Center.  (Anne
Northup's [R-KY3] district.)
4. An increase of $1,500,000 for the Science Center Initiative at Ohio
Wesleyan University.  (Budget Committee Chair and deficit hawk John Kasich's
[R-OH12] district.
5. An increase of $5,000,000 for the Polymer Energy Rechargeable System.
6. An increase of $2,000,000 for the center on life in extreme thermal
environments at Montana State University in Bozeman.  (Senator Conrad Burns
is on the Senate Appropriations Committee.and even from across the Capitol,
his arms reach out.)
7. An increase of $3,000,000 for the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, Illinois.
(John Edward Porter's [R-IL10] district - but also close to House Speaker
Denny Hastert's [R-IL14] home base too.)
8. NASA is directed to provide a total of $20,000,000 for fundamental
physics research.  (Isn't this the job of Fermilab?  Hey.  Wait a second.
Isn't Fermilab in Speaker Hastert's district..? Hmmmm.)
9.    An increase of $1,000,000 for the "Garden Machine" program at Texas
Tech University.  (Larry Combest's [R-TX19] district.)
10. An increase of $4,000,000 for the Space Radiation program at Loma Linda
University Hospital.  (Jerry Lewis' [R-CA40] district again.  Love that
11. An increase of $2,000,000 for the Neutron Therapy facility at Fermilab.
(Shouldn't this be in the DoE budget?  Or perhaps the NIH budget?  Speaker
Denney Hastert's district again.  Sooo-eeee!)
12. An increase of $2,000,000 for a Remote Sensing Center for Geoinformatics
at the University of Mississippi.  (Roger Wicker's [R-MS1] district.)
13. An increase of $1,000,000 for the Advanced Tropical Remote Sensing
Center of the National Center for Tropical Remote Sensing Applications and
Resources at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.
(Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's [R-FL18] district.)
14. An increase of $10,000,000 for the Regional Application Center in Cayuga
County, New York.  (John McHugh's [R-NY24] district.)
15. An increase of $2,500,000 for a joint U.S./Italian space-based research
initiative for the study and detection of forest fires.
16. An increase of $3,000,000 for continuation of programs at the American
Museum of Natural History.  (Finally! Democratic Pork!  Jerrold Nadler's
[D-NY8] New York City district.  Getting things ready for Hillary.)
17. An increase of $1,500,000 for a remote sensing center at the
Fulton-Montgomery Community College in New York.  The center is to work
through the Regional Application Center at Cayuga County, New York.  (John
McHugh's [R-NY24] district.)
18. An increase of $25,000,000 for Ultra Efficient Engine Technology.
(Keeps the folks in the Ohio congressional delegation happy.this work goes
to the NASA Lewis.er.Glenn.research center.)
19. An increase of $1,800,000 for phase two of the synthetic vision
information system being tested at the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport.  (Something
for Eddie Bernice Johnson's [D-TX30] district.)
20. An increase of $1,200,000 for continued support of the Dynamic Runway
Occupancy Measurement System demonstration at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport.
(Adam Smith [D-WA9].  Good to see that the Democrats are getting theirs
along with all that Republican pork.)
21. An increase of $2,000,000 to facilitate the acquisition of a 16 beam
SOCRATES system and integration of SOCRATES into the AVOSS program.
22. An increase of $5,000,000 for the Trailblazer program at the Glenn
Research Center.  (Keeps the Porklifter 100 program alive.)
23. An increase of $500,000 for the Institute for Software Research to
continue its collaborative effort with NASA-Dryden, focusing on adaptive
flight control research and fault tolerant systems.
24. An increase of $1,500,000 for the Software Optimization and Reuse
Technology Program.
25. An increase of $2,000,000 for the establishment of the NASA-Illinois
Technology Commercialization Center as an extension of the Midwest Regional
Technology Transfer Center, to be located at the DuPage County Research
Park.  (Thomas Ewing [R-IL15].)
26. An increase of $1,000,000 for the Florida Technological Research and
Development Authority to develop a technology-oriented business incubator in
Homestead, Florida.  (Carrie Meek [D-FL17].)
27. An increase of $2,000,000 for the Earth Alert program for a test of the
system throughout the State of Maryland.  (A sop to Senator Barbara
Mikulski.think she won't still be upset after those cuts to Goddard?)
28. An increase of $1,500,000 for the National Technology Transfer Center,
to bring total funding for the center up to $7,200,00.  (This program is
located in Wheeling, West Virginia.Senator Byrd brings home the bacon, even
when it's the House marking up..!)
29. An increase of $6,500,000 for the National Space Grant College and
Fellowship program, bringing the total funding for this program to $19,1
million.  The FY '99 appropriated level for this program was also $19.1
30. An increase of $1,500,000 for the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia for
development of an exhibit on astronomy.
31. An increase of $1,000,000 for the Sci-Quest, the North Alabama Science
32. An increase of $2,300,000 for the JASON Foundation's JASON XI
expedition, "Going to Extremes."
33. An increase of $1,000,000 for the Carl Sagan Discovery Center at the
Children's Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center.  Jerrold Nadler's district
again.and again, I'm sure that Hillary will be a happy camper over this.
(Shouldn't this be in the NIH budget?)  Sagan must be spinning in his grave.
34. An increase of $4,000,000 for the Texas Learning and Computational
Center at the University of Houston.  Tom DeLay's [R-TX22] district; a well
known enemy of.pork!
35. An increase of $5,000,000 for the Space Science Museum and Educational
Program at Downey, California.  Stephen Horn's [R-CA38] district.
36. An increase of $2,000,000 for the Ohio View Project.  Keep the Ohio
delegation happy!
37. An increase of $2,000,000 for continued academic and infrastructure
needs related to the computer sciences, mathematics and physics building at
the University of Redlands.  Jerry Lewis's [R-CA40] again.  Last year he was
the Chairman of the VA/HUD subcommittee.
38. An increase of $1,000,000 for the NASA Minority University Research
Program to provide support for the establishment of a center of excellence
in Mathematics and Science at Texas College. (Pete Sessions' [R-TX5]

The Big Picture On The VA/HUD Bill.
The VA/HUD appropriations bill funds 21 agencies.  The bill as written by
the House VA/HUD Appropriations Subcommittee totals $93.79 billion, of which
$23.334 billion was mandatory spending and $70.456 was "discretionary."  The
Administration's FY '00 budget request for this discretionary spending
totaled $72.06 billion, and included $2.48 billion in "emergency spending"
(bucks not subject to the budget caps) for FEMA.  The House bill includes
these emergency FEMA dollars, and it also includes $3 million in emergency
spending for veteran's health care.

The House VA/HUD appropriators added $1 billion to veteran's medical health
care of "normal" money, too, for a total of $18.3 billion.  The President
had asked for $17.3 billion, which was exactly the same amount that had been
appropriated in FY '99.

HUD got $2 billion more than in FY '99, but $2 billion less than the
President's FY '00 budget request: $26.1 billion.

EPA received $7.3 billion from the House VA/HUD critters, $106 million more
than the President asked for.

NSF got a mark of $3.646 billion for FY '00, $25 million less than it
received in FY '99.

FEMA got $3.36 billion for its FY '00 mark.

The remaining 14 agencies in the bill total up close to $2.3 billion

Model Letter to Use.
Dear [Fill in name of Representative or Senator]:

As a citizen vitally interested in my country's exploration of the solar
system, and in its pursuit of space science, I am extremely distressed over
Congress' intention to cut NASA's FY '00 science budget by $1.3 billion
dollars - the largest single cut in NASA's history!

NASA has sustained budget cuts for eight years in a row.  This proposed $1.3
billion cut would end science at NASA after the year 2000.  Is this the way
to welcome the 21st Century?

I urge you to totally reject this unprecedented cut and to fund NASA's
requested FY '00 budget in full.



House Appropriations Committee Members Who Are NOT on VA/HUD.
  (Addresses are "xxx CHOB" or "xxx RHOB" or "xxx LHOB" followed by
"Washington DC 20515.")
("RMM" is "Ranking Minority Member.")

Ralph Regula (R-OH16)
202/225-3876 vox
202/225-3059 fax
330/489-4414 district office
2309 RHOB
www.house.gov/regula/ web site

Jerry Lewis (R-CA40)
202/225-5861 vox
202/225-6498 fax
2112 RHOB
www.house.gov/jerrylewis/ web site

John Edward Porter (R-IL10)
202/225-4835 vox
202/225-0157 fax
847/662-0101 district office
2373 RHOB
www.house.gov/porter/ web site

Harold Rogers (R-KY5)
202/225-4601 vox
202/225-0940 fax
606/679-8346 district office
2470 RHOB
www.house.gov/rogers/ web site

Joe Skeen (R-NM2)
202/225-2365 vox
202/225-9599 fax
505/527-1771 district office
2302 RHOB
www.house.gov/skeen/ web site
Frank R. Wolf (R-VA10)
202/225-5136 vox
202/225-0437 fax
703/709-5800 district office
241 CHOB
www.house.gov/wolf/ web site

Jim Kolbe (R-AZ5)
202/225-2542 vox
202/225-0378 fax
520/881-3588 district office
2266 RHOB
jim.kolbe@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/kolbe/ web site

Ron Packard (R-CA48)
202/225-3906 vox
202/225-0134 fax
949/496-2343 district office
2372 RHOB
rep.packard@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/packard/ web site

Sonny Callahan (R-AL1)
202/225-4931 vox
202/225-0562 fax
334/690-2811 district office
2466 RHOB
sonny.callahan@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/callahan/ web site

Charles H. Taylor (R-NC11)
202/225-6401 vox
202/226-6405 fax
704/251-1988 district office
231 CHOB
RepCharles.Taylor@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/charlestaylor web site

Ernest J. Istook, Jr. (R-OK5)
202/225-2132 vox
202/226-1463 fax
405/942-3636 district office
2402 RHOB
istook@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/istook/ web site

Henry Bonilla (R-TX23)
202/225-4511 vox
202/225-2237 fax
210/697-9055 district office
1427 LHOB
www.house.gov/bonilla web site

Dan Miller (R-FL13)
202/225-5015 vox
202/226-0828 fax
941/951-6643 district office
102 CHOB
miller13@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/danmiller/ web site

Jay Dickey (R-AR4)
202/225-3772 vox
202/225-1314 fax
501/623-5800 district office
2453 RHOB
talk2jay@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/dickey/ web site

Jack Kingston (R-GA1)
202/225-5831 vox
202/226-2269 fax
912/352-0101 district office
1034 LHOB
www.house.gov/kingston/ web site

Michael P. Forbes (D-NY1)
202/225-3826 vox
202/225-3143 fax
516/345-9000 district office
125 CHOB
mike.forbes@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/forbes/ web site

George R. Nethercutt, Jr. (R-WA5)
202/225-2006 vox
202/225-3392 fax
509/353-2374 district office
1527 LHOB
george.nethercutt-pub@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/nethercutt/ web site

Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA51)
202/225-5452 vox
202/225-2558 fax
760/737-8438 district office
2238 RHOB
www.house.gov/cunningham/ web site

Todd Tiahrt (R-KS4)
202/225-6216 vox
202/225-3489 fax
316/262-8992 district office
428 CHOB
tiahrt@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gove/tiahrt/ web site

Zach Wamp (R-TN3)
202/225-3271 vox
202/225-3494 fax
423/894-7400 district office
423 CHOB
www.house.gov/wamp/ web site

Tom Latham (R-IA5)
202/225-5476 vox
202/225-3301 fax
712/277-2114 district office
324 CHOB
latham.ia05@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/latham/ web site

Robert Aderholt (R-AL4)
202/225-4876 vox
202/225-5587 fax
205/221-2310 district office
1007 LHOB
www.house.gov/aderholt/ web site

Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO8)
202/225-4404 vox
202/226-0326 fax
573/335-0101 district office
132 CHOB
joann.emerson@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/emerson/ web site

Kay Granger (R-TX12)
202/225-5071 vox
202/225-5683 fax
817/338-0909 district office
435 CHOB
texax.granger@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/granger/ web site

John E. Peterson (R-PA5)
202/225-5121 vox
202/225-5796 fax
814/827-3985 district office
307 CHOB
john.peterson@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/johnpeterson/ web site

John P. Murtha (D-PA12)
202/225-2065 vox
202/225-5709 fax
814/535-2642 district office
2423 RHOB
murtha@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/murtha/ web site

Norman D. Dicks (D-WA6)
202/225-5916 vox
202/226-1176 fax
253/593-6536 district office
2467 RHOB

Martin Olav Sabo (D-MN5)
202/225-4755 vox
202/225-4886 fax
612/664-8000 district office
2336 RHOB
martin.sabao@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/sabo/ web site

Julian C. Dixon (D-CA32)
202/225-7084 vox
202/225-4091 fax
323/678-5424 district office
2252 RHOB

Steny H. Hoyer (D-MD5)
202/225-4131 vox
202/225-4300 fax
301/474-0119 district office
1705 LHOB
www.house.gov/hoyer/ web site

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
202/225-4965 vox
202/225-8259 fax
415/556-4862 district office
2457 RHOB
sf.nancy@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/pelosi/ web site

Peter J. Visclosky (D-IN1)
202/225-2461 vox
202/225-2493 fax
219/884-1177 district office
2313 RHOB
www.house.gov/visclosky/ web site

Nita M. Lowey (D-NY18)
202/225-6506 vox
202/225-0546 fax
914/428-1707 district office
2421 RHOB
nita.lowey@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/lowey/ web site

Jose E. Serrano (D-NY16)
202/225-4361 vox
202/225-6001 fax
718/538-5400 district office
2342 RHOB
jserrano@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/serrano/ web site

Rosa L. DeLauro (D-CT3)
202/225-3661 vox
202/225-4890 fax
203/562-3718 district office
436 CHOB
www.house.gov/delauro web site

James P. Moran (D-VA8)
202/225-4376 vox
202/225-0017 fax
703/971-4700 district office
2239 RHOB
jim.moran@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/moran/ web site

John W. Olver (D-MA1)
202/225-5335 vox
202/226-1224 fax
413/442-0946 district office
1027 LHOB
john.olver@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/olver/ web site

Ed Pastor (D-AZ2)
202/225-4065 vox
202/225-1655 fax
520/726-2234 district office
2465 RHOB
ed.pastor@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/pastor/ web site

Chet Edwards (D-TX11)
202/225-6105 vox
202/225-0350 fax
254/752-9600 district office
2459 RHOB
www.house.gov/edwards/ web site

James E. Clyburn (D-SC6)
202/225-3315 vox
202/225-2313 fax
843/965-5578 district office
319 CHOB
jclyburn@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/clyburn/ web site

Maurice D. Hinchey (D-NY26)
202/225-6335 vox
202/226-0774 fax
607/273-1388 district office
2431 RHOB
mhinchey@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/hinchey/ web site

Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA33)
202/225-1766 vox
202/226-0350 fax
213/628-9230 district office
2435 RHOB
www.house.gov/roybal-allard/ web site

Sam Farr (D-CA17)
202/225-2861 vox
202/225-6791 fax
408/429-1976 district office
1221 LHOB
samfarr@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/farr/ web site

Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. (D-IL2)
202/225-0773 vox
202/225-0899 fax
708/798-6000 district office
313 CHOB
www.jessejacksonjr.org web site

Carolyn C. Kilpatrick (D-MI15)
202/225-2261 vox
202/225-5730 fax
313/965-9004 district office
503 CHOB
www.house.gov/kilpatrick/ web site

Allen Boyd (D-FL2)
202/225-5235 vox
202/225-5615 fax
850/561-3979 district office
107 CHOB
rep.boyd@mail.house.gov email address
www.house.gov/boyd/ web site

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