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Re: starship-design: WHERE ARE THEY?

> Or perhaps the nanotech/singularity folks are right and past our level of

> tech things explode dramatically.  A couple centuries from now our 
> desendanscould be so advanced they'd be little more interested in
> us, as we'd have to go visit ants.

But you're forgetting...we DO visit ants...at least the myrmecologists do.
But they don't talk to them...they just study them. Perhaps that is the
explanation (as I have said before) for why no one is here. They wouldn't
come for technology, or anything like that. The only thing they could
conceivably be interested in with us would be how we behave, and how we are
put together. To study that, you need not make contact. Plus, it makes
psychological studies much easier. If you want to know how people are put
together, you send down microscopic probes to investigate. Granted, this
might not be the goal of every civilization, but it could explain many.

Kyle R. Mcallister