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Re: starship-design: WHERE ARE THEY?

Hello all,

For another possible explanation for GRB's, click this link:
 www.rideau.net/~gaasbeek/index.html#contents . This puts you on the
index page, in case you'd like to check out the other papers. From
there, scroll down to the table of contents and click on paper number 4,
"Frames of Reference: Part Two". Look for the discussion on observation
of superluminal stars, and you'll find what I'm talking about.

This guy seems to make sense, and I think his work deserves a serious
look, especially since he's good enough about it to include his
equations. I'd just be curious to hear some of your reactions to it.

Keep looking up,


Steve VanDevender wrote:

> There is some recent theoretical work suggesting that gamma-ray
> bursts are non-isotropic, meaning that they do not radiate
> equally in all directions.  These models claim that gamma-ray
> bursts happen when a massive star in a particular mass range
> undergoes a core collapse; a black home forms in the core, an
> accretion disk forms around the black hole from matter that has
> not yet fallen into the core, and the accretion disk creates two
> extremely energetic relativistic particle beams perpendicular to
> the disk.  These blast through the outer layers of the star and
> create the gamma-ray burst when they impact the interstellar
> medium.  So from two directions you can see a gamma-ray burst,
> but from other directions the star looks mostly like a normal
> supernova.
> If this is true then gamma-ray burst events are even more common,
> but we can see only those whose beams point at us.  However, it
> is then unlikely that gamma-ray bursts can sterilize galaxies.
> I have heard other claims that our large moon influenced the
> development of life on this planet, but your summary of Guillermo
> Gonzalez's claim that intelligent life is somehow connected to
> the presense of solar eclipses doesn't even attempt to speculate
> why these necessarily have to be connected.