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starship-design: Split space ship design.

>> Before arriving, half of ship splits off and goes ahead.  This half
>> then, using very precise thrusting, loops around the destination
>> star (or one of its planets) and flies back in the opposite direction.
> Your going too fast to use the gravity of a normal star to turn you around.
> >Not a trivial maneuver by any means, but given the successes of the
> >Voyager, etc. missions, not inconceivable.  This "Front" part of the
> >ship is actually equipped with pellet gun which fires pellets
> >(which comprise most of its mass) back to the main ship.  Moment
> >transfer of the pellets (accomplished very carefully) slows down the main
> >ship.   If everything could be done "gently" these massive pellets
> >could actually composed of material which you would bring along
> >on the journey anyway, (food & water supplies) so they don't add mass.
> Catching pellats this way could help a lot, but since they'ld being coming
> straigh at you at 3/4ths of light speed that would be nearly impossible.

So why  split the ship?
Just send a nice slow unmanned ship to do the pellet throwing.