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Re: starship-design: re: interstellar planets supporting life

In a message dated 7/9/99 5:41:46 PM, clmanges@worldnet.att.net writes:

>I can't help wondering: what kind of life would develop or evolve in
>near-total darkness? I guess we can find examples in our own ocean
>depths, but what would it look like on land? Photosynthesis being out of
>the question, the flora would certainly take a much different turn from
>what we're familiar with, and by necessity, the fauna would also.
>Interesting . . .

I was wondering about that.  They've found that the temp of planets like 
Earth and Venus are much moredetermined by the temperature of its core, and 
the nature of its crust.  So the surface temp could be similar.  Life forms 
could be based of cemosynthasis like the stuff living near ocean bottom 
volcanic vents.  Is anything down there a oxegen producer?  Sounds like a lot 
of the evolution could be similar.  Fish, legged animals, etc.