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starship-design: Fwd: NASA Nixes Mission To Land on Comet, AP, Yahoo

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28 June 1999: NASA Nixes Mission To Land on Comet, AP, Yahoo

                          "What we're trying to do is solve our own
problems,'' said [Code S AA]
                          Weiler, who added the canceled project was
still in its early development
                          phase. "Nobody is coming to our rescue from
somewhere else in the

                          Editor's note: This is sickening, if true. But
it certainly
                          smells of Code L scare tactics.

                          Still, Dan Goldin happily trots around telling
people how
                          proud he is that NASA's budget is being cut -
since it
                          shows that NASA can do more and more with less
                          less. What can we all expect when NASA's
                          won't even stand up for his own agency's

                          Alas, Dan will find some way to blame Congress
for all of
                          this, just you watch. The truth is the White
House cuts
                          NASA's budget year after year and Dan simply
hasn't the
                          courage - or the inclination - to fight back -
unless it has to
                          do with saving Al Gore's pet Triana satellite
or protecting
                          the Clinton Administration's Russian foreign
aid (ISS)
                          program - at the expense of everything else at

                          Is this to be your legacy, Dan? After 7 years
you now
                          preside over an agency with a budget riding
along on a
                          multi-year, non-stop decline such that new
projects have to
                          be sacrificed to provide money for
contingencies and cost
                          overruns - while research at other agencies is
                          amidst budget increases.  

                          Well done.
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