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starship-design: Fwd: space.com

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Humm.  Interesting player for this interest.


===Dobbs said in an interview that it became impossible for
              him to stay at CNN once he "moved from a passive
              investor in Space.com to wanting to do something more,
              to be active in its creation. I truly believe space is the
              biggest story of this century and the next, and I really
              wanted to be part of it."

              Andy Serwer, Fortune's editor-at-large, said that Dobbs
              "personified CNNfn and business news. He's a giant of
              the field. Before there was CNBC, there was Lou

              Dobbs has privately maintained that he is not quitting
              because of the difficulties with other CNN executives,
              and he said last night that the decision comes with
              "some pain for all the blood and sweat I put into this

              The soon-to-be-launched venture, backed by Venrock
              Associates, a major investment firm founded by the
              Rockefeller family, will feature space news, space
              fiction, live feeds, science and business content, and
              educational material for children. Dobbs said he hopes
              to take the company public, which could bring him many
              millions of dollars if the market for Internet stock
              offerings stays hot.

              Dobbs, 53, a close friend of CNN founder Ted Turner,
              was the driving force behind the creation of
              three-year-old CNNfn, which reaches just 11 million
              homes and lags well behind industry leader CNBC,
              which reaches about 75 million. But "Moneyline," which
              is carried on the main CNN network and recently
              expanded to an hour of general and business news,
              remains an important force on Wall Street.
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