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Re: Re: starship-design: build it now...

> I feel that the economic barrier to space access 
> is really kind of artificial.   It's a cover for control 
> games, basically played by the big power governments
> which now have space access. The problem is that the
>  powers that be, don't want people to go far enough 
> from their physical jurisdictions, that they might
> get out of control. So the big power instinct, is to 
> fake a desire for a manned space program ( on any 
> significant scale ), while actually operating 
> clandestinely to prevent any activity which could 
> result in spontaneous migration into space.===

> === With the information revolution now a fact, odds 
> are good someone will find a way to tunnel through 
> the economic barrier, with the result that physical 
> energy considerations, rather than economic illusions, 
> will make up the bottleneck which limits the rate 
> of human migration into the solar system.===

> === Only if the launch technique is so blatantly simple
>  as to be inherently uncontrollable, will we get a portal
>  to space in the forseeable future, a gateway through 
> which large numbers of people can travel at will.===

> Johnny Thunderbird

Ah, your kinda contradicting yourself.  If economics is a sham, why do folks 
need to tunnel past it?

Realistically economics is THE issue.  Technology is fairly simple and well 
known, but no ones come up with a pressing and profitable reason to do it.  
We're a wash in resources here, no places out there look like a great place 
to live, all teched up and no where to go.