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starship-design: Re: Your great web site

> Subj:   Your great web site
> Date:  Sun, Apr 11, 1999 11:55 AM EST
> From:  billy_man@hotmail.com
> X-From: stoianb@sl.bia-bg.com (Stoian Belchev)
> Reply-to: billy_man@hotmail.com
> To: KellySt@aol.com
> Hi Guys,
> You turned out to have a great site on the net! No kidding.
> It's very interesting and helpful for people.

Thanks, glad you liked.   

> A have a problem and surfing on the net I decided to 
> drop you a line and see if you can help me. Would you 
> please continue reading this message to the end?

> OK, I am researching (nothing scientific) how the 
> Moon influences people. Not only the different zodiacs 
> but a large mass of people. I am trying to find the
> relation between the Moon and the History of all 
> mankind. Can You help me in any way?

As soon as you said zodiacs I was tempted to dump the letter.  Astrology has 
been conclusively shown to have no validity, and beyound people 
suggestability, no effect.  

There are medical effects of the moon (we evolved to sync lots of our actions 
to full moon, etc) and of course lots of political military events are 
effected by a full moon of light at night, but it doesn't sound like your 
interested in that.  So I don't think we can help you.

> If you are interested, just reply to billy_man@hotmail.com

Kelly Starks