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starship-design: Interesting, if large idea...

One idea I've been pondering lately is that most people are focused on
building space-fairing vessels that are too small.  IIRC, the distance 
from earth to mars is 309 million miles(depending on position in orbit),

That's a huge scale - modern craft are microscopic by comparison.  I've
been thinking about a much larger craft, a cylinder, approximately 50,000
miles long and 1,500 in diameter, with a suitable bar in the middle to
provide illumination.  A spin is put on the vessel to produce artificial
gravity, and buildings are built on the interior surface.  I've been told
by certain sources that such a vessel over 23 kilometres is unfeasable to
construct (wall thickness becomes incredible), any thoughts on using
braces to overcome the limitation?

Paul Anderson
"We have learned to imitute you exarctly."