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Re: starship-design: Been quiet for a while...

> It's been quiet here for quite a long time. I have been 
> thinking, for now, perhaps we have exhausted our 
> working 'resources' for designing a starship.
>  Technologically, we aren't concrete yet. But, here 
> is something we can do: define our overall objectives 
> for exploring the destination star system. What 
> planets/moons do we investigate the most heavily? 
> How do we proceed in our exploration of planetary 
> surfaces? I would like to hear your opinions on this. 
> It might make for some thought provoking discussion.

I think we covered that way back when.  Some folks were pushing everything to 
colonize something semi-earth like.  I wanted a reasonable survey of all 
planets and moons including ground survey teams (where feasable).

I figured the ship would pull drop survey sats around all the planets and 
such, then they sit and study the data figuring out what looks interesting.  
Then survey teams in bus sized sealed rovers are shuttled down.  They wander 
around, launch more drones, etc.  Then they get shuttled up to a quareenteen 
platform.  They have to absolutly prove they are not contaminated, or they 
are abandoned.  (The Starship will not be deceled on return to Sol unless it 
can prove its clean.)  otherwise they go back into the ship or next survey