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starship-design: Check out the latest (May 99) Discover Magazine for an article on antigravity.

And get ready to eat some crow you guys, Kyle gets a free "I told you so!"

Article is about superconductivity and antigravity (or "gravity
modification" for the politically correct).  Basically the same things that
Kyle has been talking about.  NASA is taking it seriously, and the results
*have* been reproduced.  Right now they are concentrating on eliminating
all sources of possible error, making very detailed measurements (current
weight loss is about 2%.  Is it real or is it error?), and trying to
understand the underlying science.  

Other related issues have to do with inertia and "borrowing" a little
inertia from the farthest corner of the universe for a split second before
paying it back (and can you pay it back in such a way the both the
borrowing and the payback result in infinitesimal motion in the same
direction?)  I don't pretend to understand it (and I am *sure* that I
didn't explain it very well) but it was a fascinating article all the same.

Kevin Houston.