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starship-design: Fwd: Lunar Underground (SFF)

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	I am writing on behalf of the Space Frontier Foundation (www.space-
frontier.org), a non-profit advocacy group which we hope you consider an ally.
	In light of the recent revival of interest in the Moon, especially regarding
lunar ice deposits, some in our group have concluded the time may be right to
create a "Lunar Underground" network. Modeled on the Mars Underground, which
for years kept alive interest in Mars exploration (and which recently resulted
in the Mars Society), a corresponding lunar group would have as its goal a
permanent settlement on the Moon.
	The Underground would serve as a central point of contact and as a vehicle
for transmitting information to those interested. We do not intend to
duplicate the many fine efforts which already exist, nor to become a
clearinghouse of information about the Moon. Rather, we want to be an action-
oriented coordinating network of knowledgeable advocates who wish to integrate
lunar activism into the rising tide of public interest, government funding and
commercial ventures in space.
	Our group, the Foundation, has specialized in high-leverage action by
committed, serious activists. We spun off the group ProSpace, whose annual
"March Storm" next week will result in hundreds of face-to-face briefings of
Congressional staffers regarding key space issues of pressing importance. The
Foundation also sponsors the annual Space FrontierCon (lately held in Los
Angeles), and is well-connected in media, policy & entertainment circles.
The Foundation has not emphasized the Moon previously, but we are branching
out as opportunities present themselves. Our president, Rick Tumlinson,
suggested that we help stand up a Lunar Underground, and Mr. Alex Gimarc, one
of our Advocates, has taken on that project. This message is to make initial
contacts with likely interested parties, to solicit feedback and gauge
interest. Our next step will be to contact the Mars Underground to ask them
for Lessons Learned.
	 We will then begin to gather materials, names, web page space, volunteers,
etc. We may establish a large e-mail mailing list at a later time, but for now
we are confining our contacts to those with a track record of serious
	As a volunteer group, we have few professional organizers, and this e-mail is
being sent by an engineer helping out in his spare time. We hope you have some
for this project, too.
Thank you.

Alex Gimarc (agimarc@alaska.net)

John Cserep (jcserep@nuc.net) 

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