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Re: Re: starship-design: Modular Ship Design

>KellySt@aol.com wrote:

>> Flipping the whole hab was pretty much the way I saw it too, it is just the
>> idea of doing this in flight at a significant fraction of light speed which
>> bothers me.
>  Turuning moving Flipping at any speed makes no 
> differnce, you still are in free fall conditions.

But at relatavistic speeds the ion impacts from the frount get VERY dangerous.
>> Given we haven't come up with anyway other then fusion that we could really
>> decelerate into or out of the target system.  (I'm very dubious about anti-
>> matter, and the limited details of its control and use I've heard.)  We're
>> limited by the credable delta-V a fusion powered drive can give us.

> The current problem with antimatter is not storing it, 
> but getting it made.

We at least know how to make it anf presum,ably could up the production rates
to whatever we needed.  However storing thousands to hundreds of thousands of
tons of anti-matter.