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starship-design: Wild thoughts

Just fantasizing, of course, but :
   Counter-rotating masses of superconducting stuff (a condensate?) carrying
static circular current. Compensating for one another.
   Gues I'll toy with that one for a while.

Antonio C T Rocha

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De: L. Clayton Parker <lparker@cacaphony.net>
Data: Domingo, 28 de Fevereiro de 1999 18:07
Assunto: RE: starship-design: Genuine STR question

>Yes, but he DID just create a neat little space warp with his flywheel!
>(Ultradense ring of matter spinning at lightspeed - just fly through the
>middle of the ring...)
>Lee Parker
>> The only way a flywheel could store enough energy to propel a
>> starship at relativistic speeds would be for it to spin at
>> relativistic speeds itself, and then it would have additional
>> mass equivalent to the amount of energy it is storing.  There's
>> no way you could build such a thing with normal materials; even
>> neutronium won't hold together under such conditions.