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Re: starship-design: Re: shielding

L. Clayton Parker wrote:

> > > Most shielding will be mass for the reactors in the
> > > front of the space craft.
> > > ben
> >
> > The reactors should not need much shielding, but the HUGE quantities of
> > reactor fuel could easily serve as shielding for the crew quarters.
> > If you notice the diagrams I put in the web site, the ship looked like a
> > little tug on the back of this huge block of fusion fuel.
> I remember someone bringing this up before, but I don't remember a
> response...what do you use for shielding after you spin to decelerate? Now
> the only thing between you and all those relativistic particles is the
> engine...
> Lee Parker

The engine's probably good shielding, but the jet itself is even better.
A plasma is opaque ( and reflective ) to much of the electromagnetic
spectrum, so it takes a pretty hairy photon to get through. As far as
particle irradiation, well, the jet is comprised of lots of mass going
thataway in a hellacious hurry. ( If I have my way, it will be made of
all relativistic particles, q.v. Genuine STR Question today. ) A particle
coming thisaway will have a tough row to hoe, to swim upstream
through all that.

I'm not saying there's no problem, I'm just mentioning these factors
so you won't feel so naked.

Johnny Thunderbird