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Re: starship-design: Someone asked about a Mars base on Earth....

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> Feb. 10, 1999
> Laying the groundwork: Space buffs push idea for Mars-like base on Earth
> First of a two-part series on NASA's plans to explore Mars
> By Robyn Suriano
> Zubrin thinks the arctic site fills that need, which is why he's confident
> that contributors will open their wallets.
> The society already has collected $130,000 toward the project, and Zubrin
> said a major fund-raising campaign will begin soon with corporate sponsors
> as the targets.
> "This is within our means," Zubrin said. "We already have a team working on
> the design and logistics, and I'm confident this $1 million cost is not
> beyond our capabilities to raise."
More details - see at the Mars Society site:


-- Zenon Kulpa, The Mars Society Founding Member No. 0873