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starship-design: Re: Use of materials from your web site

> Subj:   Use of materials from your web site
> Date:  Sat, Feb 6, 1999 2:17 PM EST
> From:  pfreeman@direct.ca
> X-From: pfreeman@direct.ca (Philip Freeman)
> To: KellySt@aol.com
> Sir or Madame:
> I am a physics teacher in Richmond BC Canada, and am currently preparing to
> teach, for the first time, a general science class for grade 10 students.
> The curriculum is unfortunately very scattered and it is my hope to
> structure it and provide the students with some sense of the
> inteconnectedness of the sciences by basing the course around a central
> project. After considering various options I am going to try having the
> class design a starship, this being an endevour which decidedly calls for an
> understanding of all sciences.
> In searching for materials I found your very interesting web site. I would
> like to use some materials from this site for teaching purposes... this
> might include making photocopies of printouts and some rewriting and
> simplification. I do not want to give the students too much material, lest
> they either be overwhelmed or have their own chances for creative insight
> damped/preempted.
> I would not want to do make use of your work, however, if your members
> believed that this violated their intellectual property rights or offended
> them in any way.
> I did not note a use policy (though I may have missed it) but there was your
> address... so I trouble you.
> What use do you feel is appropriate of these materials and what
> acknowledgement should be made to protect your rights and to give fair
> credit to the originators and developers of these ideas?
> Thank your for your time and trouble...
> Philip Freeman
> pfreeman@direct.ca

Dear Philip,
We would be very happy for the site to be of help to you and your students.
One of the reasons for the site, and the group, was to disseminate information
on this topic and to interest and inspire others interest in it.  Students
were were always of particular interest in this, thou we have not been able to
pursue this as much as we originally hoped.

Please make as much use of the material as you like, thou we would prefer you
include reference to our site where appropriate.

I'll forward you request to the group to confirm their is no objection, or
further terms of use they would like respected.

Thank you for your interest.

Kelly Starks