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Re: starship-design: going the slow way

> Note however no society that small is selfsufficent on earth, or has been, so
> that may not be a valid number.  Future automation could alter things.

Right now nobody has done a good study (to my knowlage) of a good
selfsufficent society.
What I do see is that our society is not based on recyleable system but
a throw away system.
Since I don't have a good model for that system I can't make much coment
on it.
Automation can help but after watching old star trek reruns I want a lot
of manual overrides.

> I don't think there are millions of folks in high tech R&D in the world.  Its
> all those folks doing everything from building phones, to bateries, to pens,
> that gets you.

The industry - material web is complex, and needs to be greatly cleaned
on a starship
and here on earth.
> > A self contained society is possable but it requires a
> > major change of viewpoints.
> New veiw points won't get you a replacement air handeler or tolet.

No, but a differnt viewpoint will help with design so you don't spend
on the latest pink fasion tolet and skimp on the air handeler because it
is over

Back to the topic.

What ever the design slow or fast, It will be a major project that takes
a long time to complete done by the whole earth.