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starship-design: Re: Web Site

In a message dated 1/14/99 6:02:51 PM, freyes@stcl.tamu.edu writes:

>I am highly interested in your web site on starship design.  Do you have
>members?  If you do, what can I do to become one?  How can I implement
>my ideas?  Please contact me.  I would like to know more.
>By the way, I added a link to your site from my site.
>Reach me by ICQ. My ICQ# is 24089406
>* Page me online through my Personal Communication Center:
>http://wwp.mirabilis.com/24089406 (go there and try it!)
>* Send me E-mail Express instantly to my computer screen
>* E-mail me at my personal address mailto:reyesfred@xoommail.com for
>non-business affairs or mailto:freyes@stcl.tamu.edu for business only.
>Fred Reyes

We still have a few.  Kinda dry on new ideas thou.  There should be a
membership function still runing on the site in the newsletters section I

Come on in and welcome to the group.