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RE: starship-design: Re: starships


> Sorry its not a nuclear electric propulsion interstellar ramjet,
> its a fusion
> direct plasma drive.  We gave up on ramjets when we realized there was so
> little known mass in this area of interstellar space, the scoops
> would be hard
> pressed to scoop up as much mass as the scoop gear would weigh.
> (I wen't into
> that somewhere in the site but can't find it at the moment.
> Sorry for the delay geting back to you.  Been crazy around here lately.

Timothy seems to be basing this on a non material based scoop design which
is bound to be several tons lighter. It is also about 600 times bigger than
we had envisioned, which might provide sufficient material after all. I
believe the difference in density is only a factor of ten locally.