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starship-design: Re: StarShip Design....

In a message dated 11/23/98 3:12:51 AM, clickithard@worldnet.att.net writes:

>Dear Intriguing Persons,
>    My name is Stewart Calhoun, CEO of PROLITECH Innovations UnLtd.
>a Convenient Future to the Masses Through Science and Technology.") I am,
>and have always been an avid supporter of the peaceful, scientific
>(and mild exploitation) of space, and as such I am amazingly keen to be
>a part of the ambitious design and production of the StarShip agenda.
>    I will admit that at present I am only attending university, majoring
>in Astronomy with a second sub-major, as it were, in theoretical physics
>(what can I say, I am a fan of Michio Kaku, and the late Carl Sagan), but
>I am ever eager to be a part of some bigger project along the very lines
>the S.D. is striving for.
>    PROLITECH is, at present best, a very (VERY) small and highly underfunded
>business/organization devoted to bringing futuristic conveniences to the
>common persons of the world -- hence the name, meaning "Prolitariet
>We are devoted to bringing tomorrow to everyone. We are busy designing
>simple, reliable transport aerocraft, emission free land and air vehicles,
>super convenient subterranian 'automated' home concepts, and, as silly
>as it may seem to just about every outsider we speak to, we are diligently,
>and seriously, delving into spacecraft mechanics and engineering concepts
>to simplify the vehicle into a lovingly titled build-it-yourself manual
>"The Backyard Astronaut."
>    I realize you may be saying to yourself, "This fellow reads far to
>much Douglas Adams", but I am truely sane and would love any information
>that may be sent regarding how to become a part of the S.D. project.
>    Thank you for your time.
>    S.G.Calhoun
>    clickithard@worldnet.att.net
>    1916 Portland Ave., TL., FL. 32303
>    850 385 3795

Welcome to the group.  I'm assuming you found the function to join the group

Oh, ah--  ""Prolitariet Technologies".  We are devoted to bringing tomorrow to
everyone." - I hope thats a joke?  A student CEO of a - sort of R&D

Anyway welcome to the group.