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starship-design: A New starship class.

Here is new design on the explorer class.  Delta Clipper for lack of
better name.
Only  the general  ideas have been kicking around.  Travel speed 1/8C.
This will give a flight time Alpha-Centuri
of 4.3 ly in about  35 years and stay of 10 years.  Round trip time is
about 80 years. Average crew will be
about  1500.  Habiation deck will be 3x current with supples grown for
for the return trip. Equpment will be
in part form only to assemble on site. Other stuff  about 2x.

Eploration Equipment:                      10,000    tons
Life support:  ( restore on site )?       4,850    tons
Crew:                                                       150    tons
Food:                  65 tons each.         100,000
Personel:                                              15,000  tons
Habitat:                                                30,000  tons
Shelding:   ? (help)                           100,000   tons
Stucture:                                             200,000  tons
Engine and drive:                               200,000 tons
total                                                    660,000 tons

Ship masses:   6Li+6Li
External fuel:   total mass
8.25+1                                              6,110,000  tons
Internal   fuel:   total mass
68.0+1                                             45,540,000  tons

Ship masses for  3He+3He ( my pick over 6Li  )
External  fuel:     total mass
6.52+1                                              4,950,000 tons
Internal    fuel:     total mass
42.5+1                                             28,710,000 tons