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Re: starship-design: Neutrinos

Hi Group,

Timothy van der Linden wrote...
>>Aren't atmospheric anomaly neutrinos muon neutrinos
>"Anomaly" neutrinos? I'm sorry, I'm not exactly sure what you mean.
>(The neutrinos from the Sun and space aren't anomalous and are likely of
>all 3 generations (electron-, muon-, taon-neutrinos).)

That's what they call the neutrinos created by cosmic rays cracking up in
the atmosphere. I didn't think the Sun produced any tauon neutrinos, though,
even with oscillations.

>>Also note the report was of a mass DIFFERENCE between neutrino species,
>>the actual mass. The case is still open.
>Ah yes I see, my interpretation of the 0.07 was incorrect.
I spoke to John Cramer about the neutrino findings soon after they came in,
and he said the "neutrinos are tachyon" thing is still possible. Would be
really cool since you'd be able to hover on a beam of neutrinos without
drawing any power [except to generate the beam] and so on... Read his
article, it's on-line.