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starship-design: crossing the light speed barrier?

Hi, It has been suggested that travel above the speed of light 
is possible, but no one has any idea how to skip travel exactly 
at the speed of light.  I have also seen people discussing that 
tunneling particles travel in zero time, so it got me thinking...

What if a ship, going just below light speed, could cause each 
of it's subatomic particles to tunnel in the same direction and 
at the same time.  Wouldn't the ship be traveling faster than 
the speed of light?  Firing retro rockets at that point, would 
cause the ship to travel even faster, and when we re-emerged 
from the tunneling, we would find ourselves going just a bit 
higher than light speed.

I'm only speculating on the simultaneous tunneling, not the FTL
travel, I don't want to rehash all the FTL stuff.  could it be
possible to make a macroscopic item behave quantumly, by making
all of the object's atoms behave quantumly, at the same time and
in the same manner.  But controlling each one individually.

Of course this level of control is not even remotely possible,
I'm just dreaming out loud here.

Kevin Houston http://www.lpmn.org/candidates/
Libertarian candidate for Congress - District 5