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RE: RE: RE: starship-design: YES, we might do it.

> From: "L. Parker" <lparker@cacaphony.net>
> > Why do you think I am a specialist on casting basalt?
> I do not think you are anymore a specialist in basalt than I am in concrete,
> umm, bad analogy, I can cast concrete. Well, anyway, basalt is still used in
> your area of the world for culverts and such and is far superior to concrete
> for most applications, including use on the moon and in orbit. I simply
> thought information on it would be more readily available to you than most
> of the rest of the list. Its not a well known product in the west I'm afraid.
Strange. I remember vaguely that I have read somewhere long ago
about the possibility of casting building elements from basalt
but I do not know of any such industry either in the East or West...

-- Zenon