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starship-design: Survival of the fittest...


Some quotes, that I read sofar:

>Lets hope that most alien civilizations would be more willing to look at
>us from a distance, rather than interfere with us in a particularly
>nasty way.
>Kyle R. Mcallister

>Ands lets hope we don't stumble into anyones picknic!  ;)

Most species on Earth won't attack others unless they feel threatened or if
they need something. This of course isn't some moral plan, but merely a way
to minimize damage to oneself and to not needlessly spend time hunting
whatever comes in ones way.
So it is not unlikely that alien civilizations have a similar attitude. As
long as they aren't in any need, or if they don't feel threatened, there is
little reason to attack.
This works, even while the fittest survive.

Regarding needs, an advanced civilization can use pretty much any solar
system to get and make what they want, so only if they get real big, they
may feel that they need our solar system.

And if their civilization is big, then it's hard to believe that they
haven't found us yet. After all, life has existed on Earth for a very long
time. If they wanted to make use of it, then why wait?