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Re: RE: RE: starship-design: Engine Parameters

> From: KellySt@aol.com
> In a message dated 10/13/98 7:24:34 AM, lparker@cacaphony.net wrote:
> >Why does your car's speedometer read to over 70 mph? You never go that 
> >fast and would just get a ticket if you did.
> Not in my area of the country.
> >Because, the optimum cruise speed of the engine is less than the maximum
> >speed, that why.
> What does that meen?  Why would you build a ship (spending all the extra 
> cost) to make it able to take a multi g boost? It has no practical benifit.
Kelly, it is the other way round: you are designing a ship for
optimal work at 1g (e.g., the best fuel efficiency, reliability, etc.). 
And then - bingo - it appears that such designed ship 
is capable to achieve 10g for some time 
(albeit with less efficiency). OK?

-- Zenon