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RE: starship-design: Re: Bugs again

On Wed, 14 Oct 1998, L. Parker wrote:

> Bjorn,
> > And the more you guys keep talking about the dangers of setling a "live"
> > terran planet the more I wanna go there...
> I want to go also, I just don't want to die on the shores of some alien sea
> while a bug I can't even see turns my insides into jelly....
> Lee

Well, _I_ would be willing to take that chance. Heck I'd even go if it was
certain that I'd die within a day or two. And I'm sure lots of other
people will, after all you can do a lot of research in a few days if you
know what you're looking for... Maybe if the first ones to go are willing
to make that sacrifice the ppl coming next can protect themselves.


PS: Millions of ppl are sacrificed in wars at least once per century, why
shouldn't we be prepared to sacrifice a few 1000's on something eternaly
more worthwhile???