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Re: starship-design: Engine Parameters

But the frog is not weightless, that frog still feels a 1 g force upon
it's body, but that force is transmitted by magnetic fields instead of
contact with a solid object.

L. Parker wrote:
> Kyle,
> The idea is being studied, but it faces two hurdles:
> 1) People are much more massive than frogs, we can't generate that strong of
> a field, and
> 2) We don't know what the long term effects of exposure to these fields are.
> > I've been thinking about this, and the diamagnetic leviation experiments
> > (the floating frog). I wonder, might it be possible to apply this to a
> > starship to lessen the acceleration stresses on a human body? Then
> > again, the high magnetic fields would probably be dangerous...any
> > thoughts on this one?
> Lee

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