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starship-design: Re: learn more

In a message dated 8/20/98 12:59:52 PM, you wrote:

>    Your website really attracted my attention!!!!  Could u pls tell me what
>exactely is the LUNAR INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY?  Is it sort of a University.
>The thing that interested me the most was the "starship design project".  In
>the future, I want to do things that have to do with space.  I'm really
>fascinated with that kind of stuff.  Could u pls send me more info. and
>answer my question to my e-mail:  Casanova334@hotmail.com

Thank you.

I'm afraid  LIT isn't really a university.  There was some intention
origionally that it could develop into an online one, but that didn't happen.
Its just an on-line group that debates ideas about practical mid 21st century
star travel concepts.  Its gotten quieter over the last year or two, but for
the first couple of years their were hundreds of subcribers to the
newsletters, and a lot of debate and analysis.  (You might want to browse
throu the newsletter archives.)  Several of us aer or were people from NASA or
the aerospace busness.  Lots more were everything from students to
submariners.  What you se in the site and the archives is what we came up

Hope this helps.

Kelly Starks