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RE: starship-design: Staged Fusion Power

Hi Lee,

>>>Too bad we can't use the gamma rays produced in the D+D reaction though...
>> What would you use them for?
>Well, I just hate to see 20 MeV go to waste!

But aren't the gamma rays absorbed by the the plasma?

>>>As you said, your notation is a little different but it is understandable.
>>>Where did you get the 18.4 MeV though?
>> D+He3 -> He4 (3.6 MeV) + p (14.7 MeV)
>> 3.6+14.7=18.3MeV  My 18.4MeV is actually 18.35MeV, so the difference is
>> likely due to rounding errors.
>Umm, I don't think the 3.6 MeV is usable, that is potential energy bound up
>in the He4.

I'm pretty sure that both the 3.6 and 14.7 MeV are kinetic (heat) energy
(since the energy ratio of both particles is exactly what one would expect
from their mass ratio). Can anyone confirm this?