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Re: starship-design: Interstellar Probes

L. Parker wrote:
> Kyle,
> You weren't being fair, you simply quoted from NASA's "Warp Drive When?"
> page. 

Well, they should know, they're the experts.

> A 2 kg probe is in the starwisp class and we already know how to get
> one of those up to 30 percent of lightspeed with virtually no fuel.

What can you put in a 2kg package that will justify the expense? If
nanotech procedes, there is hope, but if not...

You can't stop the thing; so what are you going to observe flying
through so quickly? After all, this group is for discussing sending a
manned mission to another star. I posted the real, if somewhat
dissapointing, fuel needs. The only hope I see for a manned mission
anyways is if we figure out how to manipulate gravitation and
space-time. Then we might get somewhere. How to do it...we don't know.

Kyle R. Mcallister