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starship-design: Re: Tau ceti

In a message dated 7/3/98 2:24:55 PM, you wrote:

>I just read the Charter of the starship thing on the web site, and are you
>that there is a "Solar-System" in Tau Ceti? 

Their could be.  So far no one knows, but their no real reason to think there
isn't one there.  We kinda moved focus to Alpha centuri thou.  Its closer,
which is really important given our speed limits.

>And how long would it take to reach
>there with the technology of an explorer class ship?

The explorer class could get up to about 1/3rd light speed, the fuel/sail
class about 40% of light speed.  So a Fuel/Sail could get to Alpha C. in about
12 years.