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Re: Re: starship-design: Planetary Landing

In a message dated 6/9/98 10:40:49 AM, Shealiak@XS4ALL.nl wrote:

>>Decontamination 'airlocks'?
>Are you sure these can get rid of that last single celled organism? Are you
>sure that a chemical shower, UV radiation and radioactive radiation can get
>rid of all unwanted guests?

on something simple you could be fairly sure, we've a lot of experience with
such things.  On the other hand decoming something as complex as a shuttle
(all those nooks and cranies) does worry me a lot.  Losses amoung ground teams
could get high.

>Anyhow I wasn't discussing contamination. I was merely making clear that
>decontamination problems won't be solved by merely using shuttles.
>In fact I'd think that the shuttles themselves have decontamination units,
>so that the crew gets the possibility to wash themselves every now and then.

Every time they enter or leave the ship.  Certainly before they are allowed to
enter the living quarters, or exit their biosuits.