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starship-design: Tachyons

  To be or Not to be? That is, in a way the question. Has anyone given 
serious thought as to the possibility of tachyons, or perhaps, ways of
harnessing such power. If tachyons existed, I'm not saying they do or
don't, but if tachyons existed and we had a way of controlling them,
would be a definite possibility of getting to other star systems in
time.  Say there was a tachyon field between here and Alpha Centauri or 
Tau Ceti. If we had ways of using them to produce forward and reverse 
thrust, we could get there and back with plenty of time to spare. I'm not

much of a physicist (I hope to be) but I believe that tachyons are quite 
possible. Any comments? Just trying to break the ice.

Jonathan Jay
We know what a person thinks
not when he tells us what he
thinks, but by his actions.  - Isaac Bashevis Singer

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