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Re: starship-design: Radiation Shielding

In a message dated 5/17/98 4:28:36 AM, guderiak@hotmail.com wrote:

>Hi Kelly,
>Sorry for the question, but I just read your web page about crew 
>quarters and radiation shielding. There is a table in which you give the 
>following mass numbers:
>Forward bulkhead             35,995 tons
>Rear bulkhead                35,995 tons
>Outer Circumference          27,646 tons
>This adds up to 99,636 tons. The two bulkheads together give 71,990 
>So, where do you get your total mass of 72,017 tons from?
>What have I missed????

Damed if I can remember.  I think I was figuring you could use a U shaped
structure so the bulkhgead and circumpherence mass would murge.  But we later
decided to just use extra fuel mass for rad shileding, so I may have just
never finished it.  Can't remember, I'll try to check on it when I can.