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Re: starship-design: Numbers needed for Colonization


>Bjorn and Christoph,
>	In this "worst case" scenario, terraforming the horribly biohazardous
>planet could be accomplished through the use of orbital bombardment,
>chemical, and finally biological warfare against the native ecosystem.
>First, drop several 20km asteriods onto the planet over a short period.
>Simultaneously alter the climate with lasers and orbital mirrors. This
>alone should be enough to cause mass extinction.  Next, drop as much
>poison as you can into the air and waters. Finally, introduce microbes,
>fungi, plankton, etc. which are engineered to destroy the last remnants
>of the native lifeforms.  While the result won't be _completely_
>earthlike, the result should be much easier to manage. If we really
>don't like the result we could simply repeat the

==> Why should we go to the stars when we destroy everything that is 
worth the voyage?
I honestly hope this was the LAST statement of this kind!!!

>Nels Lindberg
>P.S.  Personally, I am nauseated by the above proposal.

==> Then why do you make it????????????


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