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starship-design: Antiproton-Catalyzed Propulsion System

Hi Folks,

I have a question about the fuel-to-payload mass ratios of your 
starships. In 


you give a detailed list of fule:dryweight ratios to accelerate a ship 
to 1/3  light speed, ranging from 55:1 to 500,000,000:1.

As you know, there is an interesting drive concept at PSU called 

Now assume you equip your Explorer Class Starship with an ICAN-II drive, 
what mass ratio would be required to accelerate it to 1/3 light speed? 
With the original dryweight of 500,000 tons and without using  a fuel 

Well, they don't say it that clearly, so I'm asking...

So long

Christoph Kulmann

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