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starship-design: Re: Advanced Starship Designs

In a message dated 2/12/98 12:19:55 PM, you wrote:

>Dear Kelly Starks,
>My name is Gary Pace I hold a masters degree in Quantum Mechanics and 
>Have worked along side the masters (Stephen Hawkings etc.). I have Been
>doing a large amount of research on The New Principals of Antimatter
>production and also on Magnetic force Propultion. I have come up with a 
>starship design that incorperates Not only a matter/antimatter power
>conversion as a power soarce,but also uses a focused magnetic propultion
>system to push this baby to C. and possably beyond. Are you interested
>in advanced propultion systems? If so Email me or call me at this phone
>Number 601-362-9961.  Sinceraly Gary Pace

I and the group would be very interested!   Please go on.

Kelly Starks