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RE: starship-design: unmanned missions

True, we have already been through that. It seems likely that within fifty
years time, given the deep space infrastructure that would be required to
construct said starship, we would have sufficient remote observational
capability, to make an autonomous probe redundant.

Okay, did I use enough big words yet? As David is wont to say, the purpose
here is to design a starship capable of transporting -US- to another star
that can be built with technology available fifty years from now. We aren't
interested in sending robots so why discuss it? If the robots help to make
the manned mission possible, great! Otherwise, they aren't relevant.

So to put the discussion of AIs into a politically correct framework, how
can AI technology best benefit a _manned_ starship?


> In a message dated 2/11/98 10:31:21 AM, somebody wrote:
> >Well, one of the initial assumptions we made was that some kind of
> >simple unmanned mission (a fly-through) had already been sent to the
> >target.
> One caveat was that we could do nearly as much with telescopes from here,
> with a fly by mission.  That would make a fly by hard to justify.